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Support Thailand in Bidding to host the Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand

Support Thailand in Bidding to host the Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand

Currently, Thailand has entered the final round of bidding to become the Host country of Specialised Expo 2027/2028. Under the event name "Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand"  Vote to support Thailand at

Specialised Expo is a global exhibition under the auspices of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE). The host country receives benefits in various dimensions, including the economy, society, innovation, science and technology, culture, and tourism. The government must act as the host of the event. Thailand proposes to be the host of Specialised Expo 2027/2028 under the event name "Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand". The event is scheduled to take place from 20th March to 17th June 2028, covering an area of 141 rai in Tambon Mai Khao, Thalang District, Phuket Province. The event venue falls under the jurisdiction of Vachira Phuket Hospital.

Concept of Thailand's Event


In the proposal to host Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand, Thailand envisions being a platform to find solutions for future life, focusing on integration and innovative creativity for a balanced and sustainable life within the year 2028 and beyond. This aligns with the country's development strategy and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand provides a stage for Thailand to showcase its standing and strengths in promoting and supporting national development, based on the principles of sustainable development and collaboration with domestic and international networks. The event's concept is "Future of Life: living in harmony, sharing prosperity."

The development approach of the Future of Life concept emphasizes communicating factors that will impact sustainable future in three dimensions: People, Planet, and Prosperity. This serves as the basis for designing sub-themes for each country to showcase their own exhibitions, including:

Subtheme 1: Life & Wellbeing - Focuses on presenting human development through the integration of modern technology and local wisdom from around the world to promote global health and quality of life.

Subtheme 2: Human & Nature - Emphasizes the balanced coexistence between humans and nature through collaboration at all levels to preserve biodiversity and promote sustainable consumption and production.

Subtheme 3: Mutual Prosperity - Focuses on distributing opportunities, supporting access to basic public infrastructure, sustainable energy, and reducing gaps between developed and developing countries through cooperation and partnerships.

Benefits for Thailand as the Host


In the Public Health aspect:

- Establishes a global medical image and becomes an international center for health.
- Provides a platform for future innovation exchange.
- Promotes knowledge sharing and resource exchange among provinces in the Andaman region.
- Creates a medical service community and strengthens the province's capabilities as a medical hub, elderly care center, and modern patient care center.
- Enhances the readiness of medical infrastructure in Phuket province.

In the Economic aspect:

- Stimulates the economy, income distribution, and expands related economic activities, leading to increased employment rates.
- Projects an estimated 4.92 million visitors and approximately 7 million visitations from 106 countries, generating an estimated 49,231 million baht in spending during the event.
- Increases the gross domestic product (GDP) by more than 39,357 million baht and generates over 9,512 million baht in tax revenue.
- Creates more than 113,439 job.

In the Tourism aspect:

- Creating a tourism image and connecting tourist destinations within the country.
- Enhancing the potential and elevating health tourism, including promoting the image of Thailand as a leader in health and medical tourism.
- Increasing revenue from off-peak season tourism in the provinces on the Andaman coast.

In the Social aspect:

- Establishing Thai health brand products on a global scale and fostering the development of knowledge, technology, and innovation.
- Promoting cooperation among all sectors in the provinces on the Andaman coast.
- Developing infrastructure, public utilities, improving quality of life, and fostering sustainable human resources in the area.
- Promoting inclusive development and reducing disparities in urban development.

In the Environmental aspect:

- Developing a standardized waste management system in Phuket province.

Post-Expo Space Utilization:


Post-event space management, or Legacy Planning, is of great importance to the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE). The event venue should have a creative and sustainable post-event plan. Phuket province plans to develop the venue into a "Global Health Tourism Center" operated by Vachira Phuket Hospital under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Health. 

It will include a comprehensive international medical and healthcare service center, an international elderly care center, a conservation center, and a comprehensive medical rehabilitation center. Additionally, an Ecological Park will be developed as a public space. Moreover, there will be opportunities for business development, such as an international conference center.